A Mystery Revealed

The mystery revealed isn't the identity of the kingdoms of gold, silver, bronze, iron, or the 10 toes of clay mixed with iron. Discussions have been going on for thousands of years about that. Understanding their identity isn't the mystery revealed.

Saved by Grace

A few weeks ago I had my last real discussion with him. When I arrived at Atria he was in his room and in a near state of panic. He couldn't be consoled. He was going on and on, "Why me?...I'm nobody...please forgive me."

Have we asked?

A young boy was doing his best to lift a rock that was too large for someone his size. He grunted and puffed as he tried various methods for lifting the rock. But, in spite of all his efforts, the rock wouldn’t budge.

Who is God?

In order to rightly understand what the Bible says about God you can’t just rely on a single or even a few verses. Some of the verses seem to contradict each other, but with effort, all of the verses can be reconciled resulting in a better understanding of what God wants us to know about Him.


Ultimately, our confidence in the content of the Bible is in God’s faithfulness. God, who is in control of history, loves us and therefore has seen to it that we have all of his words that are necessary to have in the Bible.